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Master for Minecraft- Launcher is an app to manage everything related to your Minecraft - Pocket Edition game (the Android edition). It's important to keep two things in mind: first, the app was not developed by Mojang; and second, it's not compatible with the Lite (free) version of Minecraft.

Master for Minecraft- Launcher is very simple to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. From the main interface, you'll see different sections: maps, skins, textures, mods, and seeds. Within each section, you'll see a full list of all the available items, each with its own description.

For example, in the skins section you'll find hundreds of different looks for your character. In the seed section, on the other hand, you can change the initial setting of your game (although you'll need to start a new game to do so). Just click on the 'download' button to save any file to your device's memory.

Master for Minecraft- Launcher is a great way to get the most out of Minecraft - Pocket Edition. With it, you'll have access to hundreds of skins, maps, and mods, all ready to be downloaded and used at any time.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher